Monday, April 25, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Want to give something unique to your mom?..then check out these awesome handmade gifts. They are one of a kind and way better than those "off the rack" imported stuff. Truly special for the special mom in your life!

Classical Mexican tile earrings by ShrunkenCatHeads

Chunky Statement Necklace - Turquoise and Red Wood by ethnocity

 Vintage top Vest by Alaroycreature

Small Silver Cone Peridot Earrings by DanuJewelry


natural dye organic crochet bag by JustineJustine

El Arbol green Mexico embroidered puff sleeve ethnic tunic by AidaCoronado

Indian Handpainted Luxury Silk Scarf by KavitaKriti

Zambeze Earrings - sandalwood discs with turquoise cluster by alexandraamaro

t a h i t i - Bronze Silk Tunic with Mother-of-Pearl beads by LaRueBoheme

Riveted Brass And Sterling Silver Stirrup Earrings by Mocahete

Global Colors

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Travel Inspiration - Claire's trip to Tibet

Claire was recently fortunate enough to tick one more thing off her ‘bucket list’- a trip to the Land of Snows, Tibet. "It was an amazing trip, beginning with the train trip that brought us higher and higher until we reached the 16,000 foot high plateau that Tibet is located on. Breathtaking doesn't do it justice - in more ways than one- altitude sickness strikes hard here" she said and laughed.

Two things struck her from this trip and inspired her long after she returned home, the dedication of the Tibetan people to their religion - Buddhism, and the innate style that Tibetans have.

"For a week we hung out in the main square and watched pilgrims from all over Tibet arrive and complete their prayers and journeys. Young and old, man and woman, all united in their beliefs and dedication. The women in particular were amazing to look at, cowboy-style hats, coral and turquoise jewelry (sometimes even woven through their hair), and beautiful belts with dangling amulets. I took photo after photo trying to capture every facet and I still go back to them for new details and to help remind me of what I saw" she said.

This trip gave her so many ideas and images that she was inspired to incorporate them in her designs for DanuJewelry. From her Tibet trip she got the idea to create the Tibet Amulet Charm Pendant Necklace and the Tibetan Buddhist Charm Bracelet, amongst many others.

Tibetan Buddhist Charm Bracelet

The creative process is the one she has repeated over many years of travel to far off lands. "I use pieces of stone, charms, objects and amulets that I find on my trips and build new creations around each one. Each has its own story and, more often than not, I don’t even know where it’s been. Each piece is one-of-a-kind because of this process and because I can never track down the raw materials again once they’re gone" Claire explained.

Tibet Amulet Charm Pendant Necklace

DanuJewelry is new to Etsy. It opened this month after her daughter encouraged her to try an online shop. "I hope whoever buys these pieces of jewelry can travel vicariously and experience more of this amazing world we live in" she said with a smile.

I hope you enjoyed reading how Claire was deeply inspired to incorporate her travel experiences and cultural influences in her creations. Stay tuned for more such stories by amazing artists and global travelers right here on the 'Global chic blog'. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh these beautiful shades of Turquoise!

I love turquoise color, Its an all time fashion favorite and a spring must have. Check out these fabulous "global chic"creations

Small earrings by OttoThomas, with an incredible vintage blue colour. Delicate and so chic. Great for daily wear.

Chiffon boho kimono by LaRueBoheme. It has Hand embroidered and beaded neckline along with kimono sleeves. 

Wear it as a dress with strappy sandals for that killer boho look.

This necklace by Ahkriti is made of fauxTurquoise beads and blue sodalite stones, jazzed with some oxidized silver and bali spacers. 
This double strand necklace will definitely enhance your dress. 
Simply gorgeous to sum it!

Inspired by the luxurious Royal jewelry of India, this boho chic ring by ethnocity has a faux turquoise cabochon and vintage tear-drop glass cabochons on a black polymer clay base. 
Each bezel and base is made one at a time using polymer clay.

Soft & pretty turquoise sea by LauraJohnston 

Bring a little turquoise into home decor with artwork! 

Handfelted seamless purse by frenchfelt
It is made from 100% merino wool in turquoise and emerald-green colors and brown braid lace. Embellished with eyelets and a butterfly brooch.

This greeting card by Indounik reflects the magical paradise of Bali...its textiles and treasures, its tropical flowers and exotic fruit, its landscapes and leisurely pace. Its colorfully-clad, warm, wonderful, open, smiling, sharing and caring people.

This one of a kind card is made from various pieces of cardstock and patterned scrapbook papers, paper flowers, trim, and metal eyelets and studs.

More Global Chic creations coming soon. Stay tuned!

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