Monday, February 29, 2016

The Bold and Beautiful Jade Jewelry : RetroJade

RetroJade was born out of the love of design and family. Founded by a mother-daughter team, the store features creations made with great attention to detail. Based in Singapore, the team is comprised of Kathy who is the designer cum artist and Rosa (mom), who co-creates distinctive one-of-a-kind jade jewelry. This is their story as told by Kathy.

Kathy and Rosa

"As a mother and daughter team, making jewelry is creative therapy for us. After sitting long hours at the computer or painting , we meet up regularly for a chat and create jewelry with special jade pendants and semi precious beads that we have collected from our world travels. By mixing up both western and eastern elements, we create jewelry with it's own unique identity. It’s like putting the different pieces of the world together".

Rosa at work

Rosa has wealth of knowledge about jade jewels and Chinese culture and is keen to pass on her knowledge down the generations. Combined with Kathy's innovative design ideas and fashion marketing background, they created a range of jade jewelry that is modern and bold yet distinctly Chinese.

Golden Butterfly Jade Necklace

"Whenever we wear our jade masterpieces, we always get compliments about how distinctive and elegant they look. Many of our friends love the history and symbolic meanings of the jade necklaces and bracelets. The centre jade pendants depict ancient Chinese Neolithic art forms from the Hong Shan culture. Many of these jade pendants represent mythical animals and designs that held a significant place in the Ancient Chinese civilazations".

                Soo Chow Double Fish Jade Pendant 

"Whether we showcase the symbolic and historical significance of a jade from the Shang dynasty or more of a the glamour flapper style reminiscent of Shanghai in the roaring 20's, we make it relevant to today's world. That is where we feel we stand out from the crowd. We are strong and proud of our Chinese culture and present these in a our own modern way".

Each piece of jade jewelry is handmade with love. Their unique jade jewelry has a bold retro style that would definitely draw attention. Browse Kathy's and Rosa's amazing Jade jewelry at their Etsy store RetroJade. Please feel free to comment, and contact them for a custom piece as unique as yourself.

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